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High in the Heber Valley of the Wasatch Mountains, Bear Creek began in some pretty simple country kitchens, using homemade recipes and only the finest ingredients to create hearty soups and dishes that won raves. Soon folks wanted to be able to purchase these dry mixes at their local stores. As word of mouth spread, people from far and wide couldn’t get enough of these great tasting recipes.

Today, Bear Creek continues the tradition of delivering delicious satisfying soups just like mom used to make. We still use only the highest quality ingredients and our own special blend of spices. By making them so simple to prepare yet so hearty and satisfying, we’ve created the perfect meal occasion for the whole family. Enjoy them as is, or make them your own by adding your favorite fresh vegetables or grilled meats.

Bear Creek also offers a line of savory pasta dishes, using only authentic quality pastas, naturally-aged cheeses, tasty vegetables and our own unique spice blends. Just add water and within minutes you’ve got the heartiest, creamiest pasta dishes. With seven delicious varieties to choose from, they are sure to satisfy every appetite in your family.

And now the rich tradition of Bear Creek continues with our new line of hearty rice dishes. Every tasty bite will tell you that it’s made with the same care and the same quality ingredients that go into our soups and pastas. Easy to make, they are the perfect complement to any family meal.

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